Technology Portfolio

Micropump® put itself on the fluid systems map 50 years ago, when it unveiled magnetic drive gear pump technology. Today, Micropump is still the industry leader in miniature, low-flow pumps for industrial and OEM applications.

Complete Line

We offer an extensive line of pumps, drives, and other precise fluid handling products, available in standard models or with configure-to-order options. Because our products are designed for exceptional precision and accuracy, chemical compatibility and convenient servicing, we can ensure long life and reliable performance.


Our diverse pumping technologies include external gear, multiple or single piston, and centrifugal. We offer an assortment of wetted material options, including advanced engineered composites, corrosion-resistant metal alloys, wear-resistant ceramics, and hardened steel.

Motors and Drives

Micropump invented magnetically driven gear pumps, which eliminate the need for dynamic seals and ensure reliable performance. In addition to magnetic drive technology, Micropump offers EagleDrive™ which features the pump, motor and controller packaged into a compact integrated unit.

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Micropump products are manufactured with minimal environmental impact enabling earth-friendly pumping innovations.