Our Technology Edge

Micropump® has been a leader in miniature low-flow pumps for 50 years. We are inventors and originators, and have pioneered many important pump technology innovations. Our pumps have a clear technology edge.

Micropump Technology Features Benefits
Precision gear pump technology Hydraulically efficient positive displacement design for minimum change in flow over a wide range of differential pressures and temperatures

Superior hydraulic efficiency for lower power consumption

Continuous, pulseless flow
  • often eliminating the need for pulse dampening components
  • minimizing the impact on fluid system components
  • minimizing formation of bubbles from dissolved gases or cavitation
  • and improving overall performance
Reversible for flexibility of fluid system design
Magnetic drives combined with static seals No dynamic seals, minimizing the potential for contamination or leaks

No dynamic seals, dramatically increasing maximum system pressure
Electromagnetic EagleDrive™ technology Compact size for ease of design integration

No moving parts for greater efficiency and reliability

Low Inertia for fast response
Suction shoe gear pump design Self compensating for wear

High-volumetric efficiency, even at elevated pressures

Near zero slip for accurate metering and stable performance as components wear or thermally expand
Precision engineered drive & pumping elements Reliability, longevity, accuracy and repeatability
Robust selection of wetted materials Chemical inertness and compatibility, even in extreme applications

Corrosion and abrasion resistance

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Micropump products are manufactured with minimal environmental impact enabling earth-friendly pumping innovations.