I-Drive IEG
Product Type:
DC Drives


The I-Drive IEG is an electromagnetic drive for Micropump Series GJ (N21,N23,N25) pumps. It is a very compact, high-performance drive that enables our pumps to address a wide range of applications. The I-Drive is an innovative brushless DC motor with no moving parts for outstanding efficiency and reliability. With variable speed operation, a tachometer and error output, and with fwd/rev capabilities, the I-Drive IMS is the right choice for many designs.

Performance Summary

Drive Type Brushless
Speed (min) 500 RPM
Torque (max)
106 mNm
15 oz-in
Speed (max) 5500 RPM
Power Source 20-30 VDC
Mount J-Mount
Speed Control 0-5 VDC or 4-20mA
Connection Wire Leads
Enclosure IP55
Power (max) 70 W
Frequency N/A
0.95 kg
2.1 lbs

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