Airline Publications

Below is a listing of airline pump publications available to view and print in Adobe PDF format. To ensure that files will download quickly, they have been optimized to give a balance between quality and size. You will find that they print with excellent results, especially when the printer is set to its maximum resolution.

Airline Pump Publications

Publication Publication p/n & Rev Level Pump Model Model p/n Download
Overhaul Manual 5911Rev D 668D5 Coffeepump 9162 Download (159 Kb)
Overhaul Manual 5914Rev D 668D3 Coffeepump 9168 Download (163 Kb)
Maintenance Manual 5912Rev F 668-28 Pressurematic Water System 8940 Download (246 Kb)
Maintenance Manual 5913Rev E 668-400-2 Pressurematic Water System 8700 Download (271 Kb)
Maintenance Manual 7364Rev F 09-31-316 Coffee/Lavatory Pump 83427 Download (261 Kb)

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