Drive Technology Details

Magnetic Drives

Micropump® magnetic couplings consist of two magnets, a drive magnet that attaches to the motor shaft and a driven magnet that is completely sealed within the pumphead and is connected to the driving gear. The driven magnet is a wetted component and is totally encapsulated. The two magnets couple automatically such that the drive magnet turns the driven magnet and gears without physical contact.

The main advantages of the magnetically driven gear pump are lack of dynamic seals, smooth flow, self priming, a direct relationship between pump rotational speed and flow and small size. Due to the lack of dynamic seals, they are very reliable. Magnetically driven gear pumps can be manufactured to close tolerances to achieve repeatable performance. As previously mentioned, mag-drive pumps are compact, allowing them to fit into a variety of different equipment used for many different applications. Mag-drive pumps can be driven by a variety of different means including AC motors, DC brush motors, DC brushless and stepper motors.

Electromagnetic Drives

The magnet coupling described in the previous section is possible because of the attraction of magnetic fields originated by permanent magnet poles. Just as easily, the magnet circuit can be completed with a current carrying stator to generate the magnetic field. It is possible, therefore, instead of a magnet hub assembly, to have a stator winding provide the magnetic field. The Micropump EagleDrive™ has been designed to integrate the pump and motor using this method. By eliminating the need for the hub assembly and adapter the size envelope is reduced further and decoupling is eliminated. The drive doesn’t have any moving parts with the benefit that reliability is improved.

With the drive and pump integrated in a single, compact unit, the EagleDrive™ achieves accurate and reliable operation. The rotating electromagnetic field, which is induced in the fixed and stationary stator by a controller, couples with and turns the permanent magnet sealed inside the pump. The controller offers thermal and overload protection to the drive. It also utilizes external control signals (0-5 VDC) with closed-loop feedback to monitor and maintain a constant speed output. The close coupling of the pump and motor allows sealing between the pump and drive against ingress of water and dust to protect the internal pump and drive components.

EagleDrive™ Benefits:

  • No moving parts for reliability and longer life
  • Low power consumption and compact size for efficient system integration

See Drive Overview.

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