Function Overview

Metering applications require accurate, adjustable flow rates over a period of time. Typical applications include: additives, application of coatings, lubricants, adhesives, or solvents, and process sampling.

Concerns when designing metering systems include:

System complexity

Accuracy and uniformity of flow for extended periods of time

Variable flow control

Reducing sensitivity to changes in pressure and temperature

Ease of integration

Extreme operating environments

Micropump benefits for metering applications:

Continuous, pulseless flow may eliminate the need for pulse dampening components<br> Experienced design team to help simplify your fluid system design

Suction shoe design that automatically compensates for wear<br> Low Inertia Drive for Fast Response

Inputs designed to enable closed loop pressure or flow rate control

Hydraulically efficient positive displacement design to minimize changes in flow over a wide range of differential pressures and temperatures

Compact size and standard interfaces to ease design integration<br> Our experienced design team can help with your fluid system design

Materials and construction suitable for the harshest environmental conditions<br> Patented construction options to prevent damage from freezing events in aqueous systems

The Micropump Advantage

The unparalleled quality, performance record, reliability and long operating life of Micropump pumps and our extensive engineering expertise make Micropump a vital partner in this demanding market.

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