Ceramic Printing

Application Summary


Pattern Printing on Ceramic Tiles


Digital Printers are used to print patterns on ceramic tiles and other ceramic objects. The printing operation occurs before the ceramic is fired.

How It’s Used

A gear pump is used to supply ink to the print heads of the printer. The ink is continuously circulated over the inlets of the print heads to keep pigmentation particles in suspension; thus preventing blockage of the inlets.

Key Feature

Abrasion resistant pump materials

End Equipment

Digital ceramic printers

Pump Function



Pigmented inks

Flow Rate

1 to 5 L/min (16-78 US gph)

Differential Pressure

<60 psi (<4.2 bar)

Applications Overview

The speed and flexibility of today's digital printers have opened up new opportunities for printed ceramic tile applications. These tiles are used for flooring, counter tops, and a broad range of decorative applications.

Micropump pumps are used in digital ceramic tile printers to circulate pigmented ink over the inlets of the print heads. This circulation is important to keep the pigments in suspension and prevent blockage of print head inputs.

Gear or centrifugal pump circulating ink to print heads in digital ceramic tile printer.

Performance Summary

These charts indicate optimal operating ranges for recommended products.

Micropump Products Optimized for this Application

Micropump CA Series centrifugal pump and GJR Series gear pumps are most commonly used in this application. They provide reliable, smooth flow for ink circulation.

Cavity Technology

GJR Series


0.316 ml/rev (N21)
0.64 ml/rev (N23)
1.23 ml/rev (N27)

Differential Pressure (max):

5.5 bar | 80 psi

System Pressure (max):

21 bar | 300 psi

Dynamic Technology

CA Series

Recommended Max Speed:

6,000 RPM

System Pressure (max):

14 bar | 200 psi

The Micropump Advantage

The unparalleled quality, performance record, reliability and long operating life of Micropump pumps and our extensive engineering expertise make Micropump a vital partner in this demanding market.

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