New Patent Granted for the Micropump Exclusive Suction Shoe Gear Pump

August 16th, 2021

60+ years of industry leading technology, and we’re still revolutionizing the pump industry. Congratulations to our innovators Charles Carr, P.E. and David Grimes!

Throwback Thursday: Manufacturing Locations

November 4th, 2021

Did you know that Micropump, Inc. was first located in California but now calls Washington home?


Top Stories

Team Growth: Inside Sales Representative

April 18th, 2022

Adam Richmond has joined our Micropump team as inside sales representative for our customers. Adam brings more than 20 years of experience in sales and customer satisfaction.

Team Growth: North America Industrial Sales Manager

March 18th, 2022

Dan Jenkins has joined our Micropump team as North America Industrial Sales Manager. Dan brings more than 10 years of experience building strong relationships and market strategy.

Throwback Thursday – Magnetically Coupled Gear Pumps Invention

October 21st, 2021

Throwback Thursday - Did you know that Micropump is the founder of magnetically coupled gear pumps

Team Growth: Cost Analyst

June 24th, 2022

Judith Anton joins our finance team.

Team Growth: Sales Associate

May 13th, 2022

Elizabeth Bedrava joins our inside sales team to assist with customer support.

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