Refrigerant Recovery

Application Summary


Refrigerant Recovery


Recovery of refrigerants from cooling and air-conditioning systems for recycling or reclaiming

How It’s Used

Pumping liquid (pressurized) refrigerant from cooling systems and transferring it to a storage tank

Key Feature

Smooth flow to avoid forming vapor

End Equipment

Refrigerant recovery equipment

Pump Function



All commonly used refrigerants

Flow Rate

<20 lbs/min of freon

Differential Pressure

<450 psi (<31 bar)

Applications Overview

A refrigerant is a substance or mixture, usually a fluid, used in a heat pump or refrigeration cycle in a variety of automotive, commercial and residential applications. Many fluids have been used as refrigerants, and most of them, if released would have a significant impact on the environment. As a consequence the recovery of these fluids during system recharging and at the end of product life is essential. Recovery is the process of removing refrigerant from a system and storing it for future recycling or reclaiming.

Gear pumps provide a simple solution for removing liquid refrigerant from the “high side” of the system and transferring it to a storage tank.

Gear pump used to recover liquid refrigerant.

Performance Summary

This chart indicates optimal operating ranges for recommended products.

Micropump Products Optimized for this Application

Micropump GD Series and GC Series are most commonly used in this application. These gear pumps offer smooth pulseless flow avoiding vaporization caused by large pulsations from diaphragm, piston, or centrifugal pumps. The wetted materials of these pumps are well suited for use with common refrigerants. When installing these pumps, maximize the diameter and minimize the length of input lines to avoid vapor formation. Ideally the pump should be placed below the liquid source.

Suction Shoe Technology

GC Series


0.811 ml/rev (M23)
1.82 ml/rev (M25)
3.48 ml/rev (M35)

Differential Pressure (max):

8.6 bar | 125 psi

System Pressure (max):

103 bar | 1500 psi

Cavity Technology

GD Series


3.48 ml/rev (M35)

Differential Pressure (max):

6.9 bar | 100 psi

System Pressure (max):

103 bar | 1500 psi

The Micropump Advantage

The unparalleled quality, performance record, reliability and long operating life of Micropump pumps and our extensive engineering expertise make Micropump a vital partner in this demanding market.

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