Severe Duty

Application Summary


Severe duty, abrasive fluids


Unrivaled and robust pumping solutions featuring higher differential pressure capabilities, improved chemical compatibility, higher flow capability, and is designed to resist wear from the hardest and most abrasive particles.

How It's Used

Micropump has enabled industrial applications utilizing fluid with deliberate particulates with the ultimate severe duty pump solution.

Key Feature

Our GJR Series magnetic gear drive pumps are unmatched and now offer an improved design to withstand and resist abrasive particles.

End Equipment

Operation in severe duty environments with abrasive particles, that requires higher differential pressure or higher flow or torque.

Pump Function

Circulation, Dosing, Metering and Transfer


Particulate laden fluids such as water-based, metal loaded or fluids comprised of other abrasive substances.

Flow Rate

<3.4 L/min (0.89 US gpm)

Differential Pressure

<4.0 Bar (58 psi)

Applications Overview

Micropump’s revolutionary GJR Series has enabled customers’ industry-leading technology for more than 40 years.

We know you trust the reliability, resistance and pressures our GJR pump delivers. Not only trust, but you rely on it. Micropump has been your partner since the inception to create a product that the market required, and even more, we are proud to offer an improved and even more robust design for your systems.

Micropump’s newest GJR Series includes a newly developed ultra-durable coating while maintaining best-in-class hydraulic efficiency. Additionally, solid carbide gear assemblies enable higher differential pressures than previously offered and are more rugged with less susceptibility for breakage and offers increased ability to withstand more demanding fluids. This combination of severe-duty components with rigorously tested decades-old design, enables the GJR to function in applications with higher concentrations of harder and larger particle sizes while maintaining Micropump’s highly efficient and proven long-life capabilities.

Systems that require deliberate particulates within the pumping fluid have always been challenging to pump efficiently, and the GJR Series is the ultimate severe duty pump solution.

Performance Summary

This chart indicates the optimal operating range for the GJR Series.

Micropump Products Optimized for this Application

Micropump GJR Series cavity style magnetic gear pump is the unmatched solution for severe duty applications.

Cavity Technology

GJR Series


0.316 ml/rev (N21)
0.64 ml/rev (N23)
1.23 ml/rev (N27)

Differential Pressure (max):

5.5 bar | 80 psi

System Pressure (max):

21 bar | 300 psi

The Micropump Advantage

The unparalleled quality, performance record, reliability and long operating life of Micropump pumps and our extensive engineering expertise make Micropump a vital partner in this demanding market.

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