Diesel Engine Emissions Control

Diesel Engine Emissions Control

Application Summary


Diesel Engine Emission Control


The use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to remove NOx from the exhaust of diesel engines

How It’s Used

A gear pump is used to inject Urea into the exhaust of the diesel engine. The Urea combines with the exhaust and converts the NOx to nitrogen and water in the catalytic converter

Key Feature

Smooth flow, Freeze Resistant, Rugged

End Equipment

SCR modules for diesel emissions control

Pump Function



Urea (30% Ammonia in water)

Flow Rate

10 to 100 mL/min (0.16 to 1.6 USG/hr)

Differential Pressure

<116 psi (<8.0 bar)

Applications Overview

To meet diesel engine manufacturers are turning to Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). SCR is an emissions control system that injects liquid urea into the catalytic converter in the exhaust stream of engines. The urea converts the NOx into harmless nitrogen and water.

Gear pumps are used to deliver urea under pressure to a nozzle in the exhaust stream. Gear pumps provide the smooth flow and precise flow control required for this application.

Micropump pump used to inject urea into the exhaust stream.

Micropump pump used to inject urea into the exhaust stream.





Survive Harsh Environments

Low Cost-of-ownership


Our Series GB pumps support differential pressure up to 8.6 bar (125 psi)

Our pumps offer smooth, pulseless flow with an integrated drive offering fast responses to changing flow requirements

Mag-drive gear pumps minimize leaks by eliminating dynamic shaft seals (no shafts penetrate the pump chamber wall)

Our drives and pumps were built to survive the harsh conditions found in vehicular markets. Our pumps are designed to tolerate freezing liquids and the electronic components in our drives are all automotive rated.

Simplified system design, low maintenance and long life are a winning cost-of-ownership combination for our mag-drive gear pumps

Performance Summary

performance summary

These charts indicates optimal operating ranges for recommended products.

Micropump Products Optimized for this Application

Micropump Series GA and Series GB mag-drive gear pumps are well suited for this application. Their smooth flow, durability, and long life make them the pump of choice over competing diaphragm pumps.

Suction Shoe Technology

GA Series


0.017 ml/rev (X21)
0.042 ml/rev (V21)
0.092 ml/rev (T23)

Differential Pressure (max):

5.2 bar | 75 psi

System Pressure (max):

21 bar | 300 psi

Suction Shoe Technology

GB Series


0.26 ml/rev (P23)
0.58 ml/rev (P25)
1.17 ml/rev (P35)

Differential Pressure (max):

8.6 bar | 125 psi

System Pressure (max):

21 bar | 300 psi

The Micropump Advantage

The unparalleled quality, performance record, reliability and long operating life of Micropump pumps and our extensive engineering expertise make Micropump a vital partner in this demanding market.

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