New Patent Granted for the Micropump Exclusive Suction Shoe Gear Pump

60+ years of industry leading technology, and we’re still revolutionizing the pump industry. Congratulations to our innovators Charles Carr, P.E. and David Grimes!

Micropump is excited to announce their hard work has been approved and granted a patent for the suction shoe gear pump concept. We couldn't be more proud of their ingenuity and continued pursuit of better solutions for our customers.

When reliable, pulseless flow in high pressure settings is needed, the Micropump suction shoe gear pump is the answer. It can also handle high temperature environments beyond the range of traditional cavity-style gear pumps. Even more, unlike any other gear pump on the market, it self-adjusts with high reliability, easier maintenance, and less downtime than standard pumps. This exclusive, leading technology was designed to provide a better option and product features than cavity style designs in certain applications.

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