Training Videos

Training Videos

With everything from company, product and technology positioning, to applications, differentiators and troubleshooting, to operational instruction and product selection, this robust library is intended to shorten the learning curve for new hires and existing staff alike. With specific modules tailored to Sales or Technical Applications personnel the intent is to provide time-efficient sales tools to our global distribution partners.

Sales Training

Program 0: Intro to the Distributor Training

Running Time: 2:47

A brief introduction to the objectives and outline of the Distributor Training Course.

Program 1: Intro to Micropump

Running Time: 12:26

A good starting point for those not familiar with Micropump and those who need to introduce customers to Micropump.

Program 2: Product & Technology Overview

Running Time: 15:46

A high-level introduction to our key products and technologies — magnetic drive gear pumps & magnetic drives.

Program 3: Micropump Products I

Running Time: 18:39

An overview of our gear pump product families, including the GA, GAF, GAH, GB, GC, GD, GJ, & GJR Series.

Program 4: Micropump Products II

Running Time: 17:07

Overview of our CA Series (centrifugal pump), our magnetic drive, and our assesssories products..

Program 5: Product Nomenclature and Sales Tools

Running Time: 32:53

A description of our product nomenclature, where to find information on the micropoump website, how to log on to the Distributor Portal, how to use the Chemical & Material Compatibility chart, and how to use the Price List.

Program 6: Product Selection

Running Time: 21:31

A step-by-step example of how to select the right Micropump product to meet a customer's needs

Technical Applications Training

Program 7: Micropump Applications/Advantages

Running Time: 3:53

A description of common application of Micropump products and their advantages.

Program 8: Pump & Drive Technologies

Running Time: 12:19

A more detailed look at the technologies that make our pumps and drives successful.

Program 9: Service and Troubleshooting

Running Time: 7:32

A troubleshooting guide for the most frequent pumping issues.

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